At Least Three Things I Learned From Failing to Reach My Goals

So my “Bags and Purses” Etsy Showcase is ending in fewer than thirty minutes.

Did I reach my goal of creating and listing at least four new bags in forty-eight hours? No.

Did I gain something from this experience? Yes. I did actually design four new bags, and I am in the middle of experimenting with a no-washing-machine felting technique for one of them. (More on the felting experiment in a future post.) I also learned about rhythm, which I’m going to need to perfect if I’m going to make this Etsy shop fly. I also learned that it is silly to start up a store during the first week of classes when I am a full time student!

On the other hand, maybe doing this during all the rush and confusion of a new semester was a good idea. After all, I got a real feel for what I’ve gottn myself into, running a business and going to school. Jumping in like this was probably a much better idea than waiting for the “perfect opportunity,” you know, that opportunity that never really comes.

Whadd’ya think? Did I pass or did I fail?

p.s. Regarding the photo above: No, it’s not a bib. It’s the nautical flag “Papa,” or “Blue Peter,” in a less-than traditional Baby Blue.


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