Why You Need to Diversify Your Online Presence

We are all familiar with the old adage: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Why not? Because if something happens to that basket, you are out of luck.

So you’ve spent all this time constructing your online store, working on building a brand, perhaps even Facebooking and Tweeting about it, and your customers are starting to trickle in. You’ve made a few sales. Maybe you’ve made more than a few. If so, congratulations!

But now you’re noticing all kinds of venues very similar to the one you already use, and you’re wondering: Should I switch? The answer, unless you are VERY unhappy with your current site, is: NO. You should DIVERSIFY. This means Yes, by all means sign up and put some of your eggs in that basket, too. No two websites have exactly the same audience. You will undoubtedly reach more potential customers by having more than one online store, and here’s the best part: It’s not complicated.

If you were to design and maintain three or four completely different websites all on your own from the ground up, you wouldn’t have time to produce any inventory. But the online venues that are so popular today take care of all of that for you. If you are, for example, a hand-crafter or artisan selling on Etsy, there are many elements of your shop (announcement, maybe shop banner, etc.) that you could quickly and easily migrate to another venue, such as ArtFire or Zibbet. And once you have all of these stores up and running, it’s not going to take you that much longer to check in and maintain three of them than it was taking to maintain just the one. But, you may have tripled your audience and potential sales!

A word of caution: Listing the same item in all three shops is NOT recommended, unless you actually have three of the item. It would be really, really terrible customer service to tell a potential buyer: “Sorry, but you’re too late– I just sold out of this item in my other online store.”

So, your next step? If you’re a Handmade seller, check out this great Zibbet deal: The basic seller’s account lets you list up to 25 items at a time, and there are ZERO listing fees and ZERO selling fees! The really awesome Premium account is going for $7 for a limited time, and it includes unlimited listings, links to your blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages, the ability to display your favorite feedback at the top of your shop page, and more. (There’s even a free trial of the Premium Account with Coupon Code FREETRIAL.) It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a storefront.

Are you ready to diversify?

Have you had success selling in more than one venue at a time? I’d love to hear about it- comment below!


3 Responses to “Why You Need to Diversify Your Online Presence”

  1. 1 Suzie's Armoire February 14, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Thanks for reminding me I have two other stores! LOL! I’ll admit to not doing much with my Artfire or Zibbet accounts since the Holidays. Maybe I need to start working on them again.

  2. 2 SweetWaterPurl March 30, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    That is neat … thank you for sharing that web site… I love Arts and Crafts… it’s a way of expressing yourself in your work… I am new to knitting and enjoy it… how the economy is now it is a good time to Knit Away and sell things (since I do not work)… I have heard of Etsy but not Zibbet… Thank you I have learned quite a few things in such little time…Peace

  1. 1 uberVU - social comments Trackback on February 14, 2010 at 11:13 pm

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