Link Love – Blog Love?

So if any of my fellow Etsy sellers have participated in link love on Facebook and Etsy, you know that it can be a powerful thing.

However, have you noticed how few people seem to follow your blog if you’ve posted one? At first, I was fanning everyone on Facebook, on Etsy (unless I really hated their stuff-doesn’t happen often), on Twitter if their timeline didn’t look like spam, AND on their blog.

It’s easy enough to follow a blog with Google Friend Connect, stick it on my iGoogle page or in Google Reader, and glance through everybody’s writing each day.

Then I realized, although I had followed quite a few blogs (which were not bad reading), no one had followed mine. Maybe I’m too boring. Maybe my RSS button is too hard to find. Maybe one of my recent Theme changes through everybody off.

So, link love people, what’s up with the lack of blog love?

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1 Response to “Link Love – Blog Love?”

  1. 1 Lindsey March 24, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    It would help if more people knew about RSS and how it works (it’s like having your own personalized newspaper delivered to your desk every morning!). But I think most people are already so swamped with e-mail and Facebook and Twitter updates that they aren’t looking for more reading assignments. In order to be deemed “essential” in the age of information overload, you’ve got to be somehow more entertaining, important, or closely connected to your readers than most of the five million other things clamoring for their attention online. That’s a big challenge.

    Why are you blogging? Do you see it primarily as a way to promote your business? Maybe you need to focus on other ways to do that. Or is it a way to keep family and friends updated on your life? Send out an e-mail to make sure they all know it exists. Or are you writing because you’re a writer and that’s what writers do? If that’s the case, write for you and don’t worry about who’s reading.

    And remember that people who follow your blog may not show up on Friend Connect unless they also use Friend Connect. I’ve got you on Reader, but there are lots of other feedreaders out there that Google has no way of counting!

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